Largest Pair of Shoes in the world


One of the main attractions of Marikina is the World’s Largest Pair of Shoes. It is located and displayed at the Riverbanks Center. The shoes measures 5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters wide and 1.83 meters high. The heel of the shoe was measured 41 centimeters or 16 inches. The shoes were made in the year of 2002. This was displayed for the First Sapatero Festival. Marikina was given the title Shoe Capital of the Philippines because of its notable shoe industry, being the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines, producing almost 70% of shoe production in the country. Marikina currently holds the World’s Largest Pair of Shoes and recognized by the Guinness World Records, also, the Shoe Museum houses part of the famous shoe collection of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, shoes of the world leaders, celebrities and shoes of different countries, making it the largest collection of pair of shoes in the world.





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